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Reasons Why you Need to Buy Decorative Flowers for your Home
July 19, 2021
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Tips on How to Care For Your Newly Delivered Preserved Flowers

Getting your loved one or special someone flowers is still considered a wonderful gesture that will put a smile on someone’s face. However, many people are disappointed by how quickly a bouquet fades once they get it home.

At Melrose USA online shop, we bring you the best flowers for you to lock in a moment in time without having to invest your energy in its maintenance. We are among the best florist Melbourne FL and that’s why you should get your next flowers from us.

Now that you have your bouquet, here are a few quick tips to keeping your flowers looking fresh.

  • Keep Preserved Flowers Indoors

Outdoors, there are a variety of factors that can reduce the longevity of preserved flowers. So, if you order a floral arrangement from Melrose USA’s online store, it’s recommended to keep it indoors. Dust, humidity, wind, temperature changes, and even curious children and dogs are all damaging components.

  • Avoid Direct Sunlight

One way to keep your preserved roses for long is by keeping them in a cool dry place. Preserved flowers will keep the longest if kept indoors, ideally in a cool, dry place away from drafts. If you expose them to direct sunlight, they will eventually fade over time. Florists advice that preserved flowers should not be exposed to the sun for prolonged periods.

  • Do Not Water

Preserved flowers hate water and humidity. Despite these flowers looking and feeling like recently cut flowers, they cannot be exposed to water in any form since they may lose the properties that make them last for a long time. This means you don’t need to remove the flowers in their package and put them into the water in a vase to keep them looking fresh and great.

  • Be Gentle

Don’t forget that preserved flowers are still natural flowers and some need the care and consideration you apply when taking care of fresh flowers. Therefore, you need to be very gentle when handling them because if you crush, press, or fold the petals of a preserved flower, it will lose its beauty and even end up breaking.


If you’re looking to spoil yourself or someone special, take a look at the Melrose online shop for luxury flower delivery Miami FL and they will be brought straight to your doorstep!

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