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The Bella Melrose Glass Dome Collection

Roses have always held a special place amongst all flowers. These flowers are considered to be amongst the most beautiful flowers. They also have a long history of symbolism. Red roses, for example, have long been associated with romantic love. If you want to declare your feelings to someone you admire, a single red rose would be the perfect way to make your feelings known.

Less is more

When it comes to roses, less is often more. A single rose is the ultimate romantic gesture. A rose or two say ‘I love you’ more efficiently than a bouquet of red roses would. A single rose is a symbol of passion and romance.

The bella melrose dome is the perfect way to ensure that special someone has a constant reminder of the love and passion you feel for them. Our rose domes feature a single preserved rose (or two or three roses) set in a glass dome. The roses are preserved in full bloom and with their stems twisted for a subtle magical effect.

Our design specialists apply preservation techniques that ensure the fresh roses remain in a glorious bloom for longer. Our roses are preserved to retain a fresh appearance and texture for months. Your rose will look just as fresh as it looked when it was first cut. They are the perfect way to remind your loved one of your love and care for a long time.

Love triumphs over all

The bella melrose is probably one of the most popular symbols associated with the fairy tale. “The rose was given to the beast by an enchantress who turned him from a prince into a beast as a punishment for judging her by her appearance. The enchantress cast a spell on the prince and all living creatures in his castle. She left him a rose in full bloom and promised him that the spell would be broken if he could learn to love and earn the love of another in return before all the petals on the rose fell. If the petals fell before this happened, he and the castle would remain under the curse for all time. The prince kept the enchanted rose under a glass dome and watched as petals fell from it every day.”

“The bella melrose was a reminder to the beast of his vanity, cruelty and selfishness. It was also a symbol of hope. It was a reminder that love can conquer anything, even a curse.”

Shop The bella melrose in glass collection and get your hands on your very own preserved rose glass dome.Our preserved roses are set in a clear glass dome and a dark wooden base. The roses are preserved in full bloom and feature twisted thorny stems that give a subtle and magical touch. Our preserved flowers are a great way to add a touch of magic to your space or the space of your loved one.

Spread the love

The enchanted rose in Beauty and the Beast may have been a source of anxiety to the beast, but it has long since become a symbol of triumphant and lasting love.” The rose is a reminder that life is precious. We are not only meant to cherish the life we have but also share it. It is a reminder not to take everything at face value but to look for the value that lies within.

If you’re looking for a gift to show your loved one just how much you treasure them, you can’t go wrong with a preserved rose glass dome from our collection. These delicate preserved roses in a glass dome are a great way to show how much you cherish your loved one. They make the perfect gift for a special occasion such as your anniversary or a birthday. They are also a great gift just to show that you care.

Our preserved flowers will last for 1 to 3 years with little to no maintenance. They do not require watering, pruning, primping or exposure to sunlight. The only maintenance needed for these flowers is dusting the glass dome to maintain its sparkle and crystal clarity.

Start shopping now to find the perfect flower in a dome.

Step away from the ordinary

Looking for a unique gift for a loved one? Want to buy your loved one a gift that shows how much you cherish them? You’re in the right place. Shop The bella melrose in glass collection to find preserved flowers you can use to express your love and care for your loved one. Our flower collection features preserved flowers set in a glass dome. These magical flowers include the classic red rose as well as other unique shades. Step away from the usual red, yellow or white roses and gift your loved one a rose in a unique color such as blue or rainbow colors. Your loved one is sure to get the message with our unique roses.

Our roses also come in unique shapes. Gift your loved one a rose in a heart shape that will be a continuous reminder of your love. Our expert designers create each floral arrangement by hand. You can rely on their skills to provide you with a flower that is sure to take your loved one’s breath away.

Don’t like roses? Our collection features other flowers such as sunflowers. You can gift a stem of your loved one’s favorite flower preserved and encased in a glass dome as a reminder of your love for them.

Order from the comfort of your couch

Order flowers from the comfort of your home or office. Our online store is open 24/7. With our fast delivery, you can be sure you’re loved one will soon have something to smile about. Gifting your loved one with something special couldn’t be easier. We offer opportunities for customization too. Add a message or have the flower of your choice in the dome. Start shopping now.