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The Perfect Gift for Everyone

Are you wondering what to give your loved one? You can’t go wrong with flowers. A box of roses from the best florist NYC has to offer is the quintessential gift for lovers at any stage of their relationship. You won’t have to worry about coming on too strongly or not doing enough. Your love interest will love your gift and you for giving it.

Flowers are also the perfect gift for just about any occasion. We at Melrose Place are committed to helping our customers express their feelings no matter the occasion. Our flower collection features flowers in different shades that are suitable for different occasions. You can use flowers to express emotions or ideas that you find difficult to put into words. Your loved one will be sure to get the message when they receive their flowers. With our preserved flowers, your loved one can enjoy the beauty and freshness of their flowers for months. They are a great way to express the eternal love that you feel for them.

If your loved one is sick or has allergies, fresh flowers may not be the best way to wish them a quick recovery. In fact, you may only make things worse. Our preserved flowers are a great way to bring beauty and joy into their space without potentially worsening their health conditions. Your loved one will appreciate the thought you put into your gift.

Take advantage of our same-day flower delivery New York services to celebrate a special or unexpected occasion such as the birth of a child or the announcement of a promotion. Our preserved flowers will not only ensure that you give your loved one a gift that they will appreciate but also one that will help them remember this special occasion for a long time. Our preserved flowers are perfect for creating memories.

Our preserved flowers are an especially great gift for New York City dwellers. City life can be busy and stressful, especially in the NYC. City dwellers rarely get the opportunity to spend time outdoors in nature. With Melrose Flowers, you can take advantage of the best flower delivery New York service to give your loved one the gift of nature. Our preserved flowers will bring a touch of the outdoors into you or your loved one’s home. They will enjoy the many benefits of having bright and beautiful flowers in their space for many months. Our flowers will help to relieve stress and help to improve their mood.

Flowers are also a great gift for children. Children love flowers for their beauty. They will love having flowers that are their own and that they can appreciate every day for a long time. Children can enjoy our preserved flowers without worrying about having to care for them.

Step away from the ordinary

When it comes to selecting gifts for our loved ones, we all strive to find gifts that are not only unique but ones that will be appreciated. This makes finding a suitable gift for different occasions difficult. However, there is one gift that you can be sure will be appreciated no matter the occasion flowers.

We at Melrose Flowers take floral gifts to a whole new level with our preserved luxury flowers. Our florists use fresh-cut luxury flowers imported from Ecuador, the home of luxury flowers. The flowers are cut when they have reached the perfect stage of blooming. We use state-of-the-art techniques that allow our flowers to maintain that fresh look and texture for months. Our conservation techniques result in petals that are strong while retaining that fresh look and texture. They will continue to beam with the beauty they had at the moment of harvest.

Each floral arrangement we provide is handmade by a floral design specialist. Each rose is carefully selected, trimmed and placed in the floral arrangement to achieve a stunning finish. Our design specialists work with our clients to achieve a floral arrangement that meets their needs. Our team will walk you through selecting the best flowers for your arrangement, the best container and designing the floral arrangement.

Our preserved roses come in containers that are designed to give the flowers a chic touch. Choose a bell dome for a whimsical touch, a round box for a chic vintage touch or a clear acrylic box for that modern chic touch. All our containers can be used for long after eventually discarding your flowers.

We offer flowers in a wide range of shades. Declare your interest to that special someone with a single red rose or show your appreciation to a loved one with a box of yellow. Celebrate a graduation with a box of white roses or show your significant other just how special they are with a box of red roses.

We also offer flowers in unique colors to suit different occasions or preferences. Surprise your loved one with roses in their favorite color or buy roses in your favorite color to match your décor theme. It’s not hard to see why we’re one of the best flower shops NYC has to offer.

Order luxury flowers online

Don’t have time to get to the flower shop? You can access the best florist NYC has to offer online. Browse our selection of flowers and take advantage of our fast flower delivery New York services to ensure your flowers reach your desired destination on time.

Browse our selection of floral arrangements to find the perfect one for you. You can contact our team directly for any custom requirements. We’re happy to help our customers get exactly what they want. We’ll work with you to select the best flowers and determine the best design for your floral arrangement.

Our same-day delivery services will have your flowers dispatched and delivered within hours of placing your order. We will ensure your flowers arrive on time for the occasion. Whether it’s a last-minute event or you just forgot, you can rely on us to save the day.