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Are preserved roses real??

Yes! Our full line of roses are real and natural roses grown with care in a farm in Ecuador.

How do you make roses last for years?

We use a patented solution and a color pigmentation process in order to preserve the freshness of the roses and give them a wide variety of beautiful colors.

Can I design my own arrangement?

Yes, sure you can! We have a wide pallet of rose colors for you to choose, as well as a variety of different designs and patterns that can be organized. Our team will help you create your own ideal and impeccable arrangement.

Can I take the flowers out of the box?

No. We do not recommend taking the roses out of their box. They are happy there and have the intention of remaining inside during the whole life cycle of the arrangement.

What kind of maintenance do the flowers need?

Very little! Compared to regular roses that may require constant watering and a change of vases; our roses keep their freshness and longevity for the whole year without any serious effort on your end. Always keep the roses far from the direct sunlight and within the regular environment temperature, and their elegant disposition will preserve their elegance and gracefulness for years.

Do you have a refund policy?

Unfortunately, since every arrangement is taken and designed for each and every one of our clients, we cannot accept refunds. If you wish to cancel an arrangement, you may do it even two days before the date of delivery. Please do contact us at with any query, question, or doubt. Our staff members will do everything within their reach to help you.