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Melrose Flowers es un taller floral que se enfoca en la expresión de amor, alegría y felicidad a través de las flores, para llenar a las personas con rosas que duran por años. Las flores de Melrose son reales y pueden durar años si se cuidan adecuadamente.

Nuestros productos de lujo son verdaderamente únicos y los especialistas en diseño trabajarán en estrecha colaboración con usted para crear arreglos únicos de acuerdo con sus especificaciones.



Our luxury rose products are truly unique and design specialists will work closely with you to create unique arrangements


Online Florist in New York Citys

Want to buy flowers? Whether there is a special occasion coming up or you just want to brighten up your space, flowers are one of the best gifts of nature. They are the perfect way to spread love, happiness and joy. We at Melrose Flowers are committed to helping people express themselves through flowers. We’re a floral workshop based in New York City that has been helping people express what they feel in their hearts through unique luxury floral arrangements.

We’ve made finding the perfect floral arrangement to express your feelings easy. Browse our selection of flowers to find perfectly preserved flowers that will look fresh and bright for months. We offer same day delivery NYC residents trust. You can rely on us to deliver your flowers right on time.

Expressing yourself and your heart through flowers couldn’t be easier. Shop our collection to find the perfect floral arrangement for you.

The perfect gift

Are you looking for a gift for a loved one? Do you want to show someone how much you care? Whether you are celebrating an achievement, a special occasion or want to show them that you support and love them, flowers are the best way to express your love and care for anyone. You can’t go wrong with flowers. They are not only beautiful but also sentimental and meaningful. They are perfect for any occasion whether joyful or sorrowful. They are a gift that can put a smile on your loved one’s face no matter the occasion.

Shop our collection of flowers and discover preserved flowers for every occasion. Whether you’re looking for a single red rose to make your romantic interests known or white or yellow roses to express sorrow at the loss of a loved one, we’ll provide you with floral arrangements that will help you express your heart’s message.

Everyone appreciates flowers. They are beautiful and perfect for adding a touch of nature to any space. Unlike other gifts that people may dump in their closets, many people are happy to display their flowers. Our decorative flowers for home are a great way to keep reminding your loved ones of how much you care for them.

Whether you’re buying flowers for a loved one or to gift yourself ‘just because’, you’re sure to find flowers to suit your needs and requirements right here. Browse our selection of flowers now a wide range of floral arrangements to suit different tastes and preferences. Haven’t found something you like? Get in touch with us directly to order a custom floral arrangement. Our florists will provide you with a floral arrangement that is unique and that is sure to take your breath away.

A gift that keeps on giving

Are you looking for a gift that your loved ones can cherish for a long time? You’re in the right place. Check out our collection of decorative flower boxes and discover a wide range of preserved floral arrangements. Unlike dried flowers, our flowers are preserved when they are fresh. Our preservation techniques are designed to ensure that the flower retains its fresh look for months. Your loved one can enjoy having fresh cut flowers to display for a long time.

Our decorative flowers for home are a great way to add a touch of nature to any space. Each floral arrangement in our collection is handmade by an expert florist. With our preserved flowers you will get to enjoy the exquisite beauty of flowers in full bloom for a long time. You won’t have to keep buying flowers to display in your space.

Our decorative flower boxes are low-maintenance. These preserved flowers don’t need to be placed in sunlight or watered for maintenance. You don’t have to lift a finger. You will have a beautiful floral arrangement that stays beautiful for a long time without the hustle of fresh flowers. Your loved ones will appreciate not having to put in a lot of effort to maintain your gift to them.

Our preserved flowers are the gift that keeps on giving. Shop our collection of flowers to find the perfect floral arrangement for you.

Expertly conserved flowers

We at Melrose Flowers are committed to helping people find the perfect floral arrangement to express their feelings. We’ve been providing the residents of New York with flowers to express happiness, love, joy and even sorrow for years.

Our preserved flowers are the perfect gift for any occasion. Our expert florists use real flowers and preserve them when they are most beautiful. Our conservation techniques ensure that the flowers maintain their fresh look and texture for years with proper care. Our products are prepared by design specialists that work to achieve unique and stunning floral arrangements that are packaged for perfection.

Our preserved flowers are low maintenance. There is no need for watering, pruning or placing them in sunlight. The only maintenance required in dusting every now and then. Our flowers provide the perfect way to enjoy the best that nature has to offer.

Same day delivery

We at Melrose Flowers strive to make it easy to access beautiful luxury floral arrangements whenever you need them. Order your flowers from the comfort of your home or office through our website. Include any special message and give us the address you want the flowers delivered to. We offer same day delivery NYC residents trust. You can rely on our flower delivery queens NY services to get your flowers to their destination in time and in great condition. Our fast delivery services will ensure that you never miss a special occasion even when it’s a last minute thing. You can ensure your loved ones have a gift that they will appreciate for a long time to come by choosing our flower delivery services.

Shop with us

Whether you want to surprise your sweetheart or are looking for flowers to brighten up your space, you’re sure to find something that suits your preferences here. Start shopping now and place your order for a handmade luxury flower box.