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About Us


Melrose Flowers is a floral workshop focused on the expression of love, happiness, and joy, through flowers, by filling people’s hearts for years. Melrose flowers are real and may last years if they are appropriately taken care of.

Our luxury products are truly unique and design specialists will closely work with you to create a unique floral arrangement according to your requirement.

Flowers are brought in from Ecuador and last for many years without water or sunlight. Our roses petals are unique and stronger compared to any other roses in the market.

Our conservation technique allows flowers to maintain a fresh look and texture. Fresh roses are cut when they are the most beautiful and beaming; then they are subject to a rehydrating process by placing a blend on them. This liquid is gradually increased. After a few days, the process is complete and the rose is ready to be used.

The result is amazing, our roses magically continue looking, feeling and like fresh roses because they maintain their beauty and can keep their integrity and color for a whole year.

The general vision has been to create a luxury gifts platform where not only romantic products are sold, but also happy moments that can be appreciated for a lifetime. Though our own box, the luxury and the domes are a reflection of the love and romance in one single gift.

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The only maintenance required is to clean the dust every now and then, even though the Company recommends to keep the flowers away from excessive sun light, heat, or humidity.

Handmade expertly

Each arrangement is a unique handmade piece by a specialist in floral design, who is meticulously careful with the roses for every individual order. Our team works closely with you to make a tangible creation with your own ideals and become a beautiful arrangement.


The Melrose Flowers arrangement perfectly captures the essence and beauty of fresh flowers with the same texture for over a year.